Electric Grill Single.

This single electric grill allows you to quickly and efficiently create your most popular sandwiches, quesadillas, and burgers. With a compact 12" x 12" footprint, you'll have no trouble finding space for it in your sandwich shop, food truck, or concession stand.

The grooved plates provide tantalizing grill marks for an excellent presentation, while also ensuring complete contact with your product for consistent, even heat supply.

The specialized hinge allow the top plate to lay flat against the food rather than at an angle. This ensures complete contact and uniform cooking.

A heavy-duty, stainless steel construction ensures that the unit is built to withstand a rough and tough kitchen environment.

The edge of the grill plate is angled downward to collect grease and direct it into the removable grease tray. When it's time to clean up, the tray can be removed and emptied quickly.

To ensure consistency, the thermostatic controls allow you to adjust the temperature of the grill to accommodate the appropriate cooking temperatures


  • make: ARK
  • volts: 220v.
  • weight: 14kg.
  • power: 1.8kw.
  • material: 50 ~ 300°c.
  • dimensions: 400x300x210mm.