gas griddle plain - Medium.

Cooking for the breakfast crowd or burgers and cheesteaks for the lunch rush, this countertop griddle is designed to make the most of small spaces like diners and concession stands. With durability and versatility in mind, this model is a great addition to your cooking equipment!.

To maintain heat, the quick-on burner design adjusts the burners when the probe senses a drop in the temperature, providing quick recovery to retain moisture and increase product yield. It to the easy-to-clean. The front edge on this gas griddle is extended to separate the operator from the hot surface. It comes with non-skid legs for stability on countertops.


  • Brand: ARK
  • Gas: LPG
  • Weight: 30kg.
  • Control Switch: 2
  • Power: 36.7 Tu/Nr
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Dimensions: 550 X 520 X 560mm