Ice Cube Machine - 226 Kg.

This self-contained ice machine is ideal for operators with limited space. Its compact design allows it to be placed in tight locations, while its door slides up instead of swinging to the left or right, so you can easily access the ice bin without having to plan for which way your door will swing.

The attractive cubic shaped ice produced by this machine is medium in size, measuring 22 x 22 x22 mm.


  • Brand: ARK.
  • volts: 220v.
  • capacity: 266Kg.
  • ice reserves: 470Lbs.
  • electric current: 16A.
  • compressor: copeland.
  • power: 950w.
  • Dimensions: 780x850x1580mm.
  • ice shape + size: 22x22x22mm.