6 - Burner Charcoal Grill.

This countertop charbroiler is ideal for charcoal-style broiling without the use of coal or ceramic stones!.This unit's 6 burners are independently controlled for maximum versatility and are capable of putting out a total combined 108,000 BTU. Burners are located every 4 7/8" for maximum performance. It also features stainless steel radiants and heat deflectors for incredible versatility and temperature control.

The charbroiler is made of durable stainless steel with cast iron grates. It also features adjustable top grates for incredible versatility and temperature control. Plus, this gas model gives you extra flame-flare for a more vibrant flavor profile.


  • Brand: ARK
  • weight: 100kg.
  • material: Stainless Steel Body.
  • gas: LPG / natural
  • dimensions: 88 x 77 x 46cm.